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Canvas Boards

Canvas Boards
Canvas Boards are constructed by means of back-stapling Cotton Duck canvas onto a masonite board base.

The use of  canvas boards is a matter of artistic preference. There is a cost advantage and some artist’s have found preference in using a support structure that has no give under applied brush strokes.

Masonite board is the preferred choice of board, allowing artists to use either the rough or smooth side. The canvas board is available in 3mm, 6mm and 9mm thicknesses but limited in size to approximately 2440mm x 1220mm. On larger panels, typically over 1.5 meters, it is recommended that a backing frame be laminated to the board for strength requirements.

Because of the glues and other chemicals used in board preparation, it is essential to prepare the surface with a suitable primer. More popular however, is to stretched Cotton Duck cloth over the canvas boards surface, given the desired Cotton Duck texture while maintaining the advantages of a rigid support.