Custom Gilded Frames

Our Custom Gilded Frames are Hand-made and designed to add value and elegance to Original Artworks.

Custom Designed and gilded frames for the individual artwork, various moulding profile and gilding finishes are available. With experience in gold and silver leafing and painting methodologies, we apply gilding and wash techniques such that finishes can range from clean crisp to highly distressed – all with aim to enhance artwork features.

All frames can have backing-board and clear glass added. This is useful for framing prints or works completed on board. An inner spacer frame can be added between the glass front and artwork surface.

As all mouldings are profiled in-house, artists can design their own signature moulding such that a profile remain exclusive and unique to their works. This is the original source of our range.

Please call or email us to get costing on the various frame mouldings.

Custom finished frames Gallery