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  • one of Winsens Delivery Vehicle
    With our large, closed cabin delivery vehicle, we are able to assist...
    Artwork Transportation
  • Stretcher frame pile
    Wooden Stretcher frames are manufactured from Obeche wood (a.k.a wawa) on a...
    Wooden Stretcher frames
  • Aluminium stretcher frame
    Stretchers manufactured from Aluminium alloy has found favour with artists wanting an...
    Aluminium Stretcher frames
  • Loose canvas roll
    Locally produced loose canvas & imported loose linen, as either oil, acrylic, clear...
    Loose Canvas
  • Canvas depths 50mm, 75mm & 100mm
    Cotton Duck is the most common canvas choice for artists to paint...
    Cotton Duck
  • custom gilded frames
    Our Custom Gilded Frames are Hand-made and designed to add value and...
    Custom Gilded Frames
  • Canvas Boards
    Canvas Boards are constructed by means of back-stapling Cotton Duck canvas...
    Canvas Boards
  • Polyester Cloth - Stretched Canvas
    Polyester Cloth Canvas is a synthetic material and has unique properties compared to...
    Polyester Cloth
  • Original Artwork Stretching
    Artwork Stretching is the Re-stretching of original artworks or prints over a...
    Original Artwork Stretching
  • Belgian linen canvas texture
    Belgian Linen Canvas, grown from the flax produced in Belgium and the Netherlands,...
    Belgian Linen