Stretched Canvas

Stretched Artist Canvases

Natural Cotton Duck, Synthetic Polyester Cloth or imported Belgian Linen stretched over a custom sized, obeche stretcher frame…

Canvas depths 50mm, 75mm & 100mm

Cotton Duck

Cotton Duck is the most common canvas choice for artists to paint on. Made from the fibres of the fruit of the cotton plant, the material is 100% natural that once stretched, forms a ground support which has good adhesion to priming layers...
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Polyester Cloth Stretcher

Polyester Cloth

Polyester Cloth Canvas is a synthetic fibre, polyester cloth has unique properties compared to other cloth types, making it increasingly popular for artistic purposes.
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Belgian linen canvas texture

Belgian Linen

Belgium Linen, grown from the flax produced in Belgium and the Netherlands, is still considered to be the superior choice for Professional Artists who want to work on a specific textured cloth...
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