Artist’s Boards are constructed using different board types – sealed or with canvas stretched over them.

Artist’s Boards

The use of boards is a matter of artistic choice; this robust product has found favour with artists wanting a firm support to paint or paste on, with the surface having no ‘give’ under applied brush strokes. The stability of paint layers on an inflexible support structure is also advised by conservators.

The artist can work on the board directly, provided the surface is adequately sealed, or choose to have Cotton Duck or Polyester Cloth, or even a Belgium Linen stretched over the board.

Types of Artist’s Boards
6mm artist's boards with stretched canvas

Several board types are available, with MDF (supawood) being the most common and versatile choice.

Pine Plyboards can also be used to good effect; with its characteristically knotty structure, and resilience against moisture, the artist would ordinarily work on the surface directly, which has been sealed with a clear primer.

Thicknesses of Artist’s Boards available

Board thicknesses available are 3mm, 6mm and 9mm thick. What is more common, however, is to laminate a backing frame (or cradle) onto the board, giving the panel a visually appealing depth perception, but also importantly adding strength. This combined with cross-bars ensures a support which will not twist or buckle in the centre. Any depth can be custom made, and again, the artist can choose to work on the board directly or with canvas covering.

board with cloth
board with cloth
artists board pineply back
artists board pineply back