Onsite Artwork Stretching for Very Large Artworks

Onsite Artwork Stretching

For very large artworks that are challenging to transport, or where artworks cannot be manoeuvred through door or passageways, we are able to stretch the artwork onsite at the clients’ premises, with the same technique and care as done at our factory.

Typically, the artwork can be transported in a cylindrical tube, while the stretcher frame transported dissembled. The stretcher is then reassembled in the wanted area and the artwork stretched as per normal practice.

Blank canvases can be treated in the same way, allowing the artist to work at the client’s premises if needed.

The following guidelines should be followed when transporting a rolled artwork:

  • Roll with the painted surface facing outward, protecting the work with soft silicone, wax or glassine paper. The tension produced is less injurious than the compression caused by rolling the work with the painted surface facing inward. The added consequence is that once unrolled, the danger of paint cracking in the artwork is diminished rather than intensified.
  • Use a firm core with a wide diameter. If rolled too tightly, inevitable cracking can occur – the wider the diameter of the core, the better.
  • Make sure the painted surface is not too fresh, and adequately dried for transport.

Onsite Artwork Stretching josselsohn
Onsite Stretching - Josselsohn