Custom-made Artist's Canvases

Winsen’s Canvases specialises in manufacturing custom-made artist’s canvases. We have a range of natural and synthetic fibre canvas types available for various painting techniques. Our canvas qualities can be stretched over 25mm, 50mm, 75mm or 100mm deep stretcher frames or supplied unstretched/loose

Artwork Stretching for Originals and Prints

The stretching of Original Artworks and Prints for the individual, gallery, or printing house is a core capability of Winsen’s Canvases. Artworks are measured with accuracy and the stretcher frame made accordingly. Specific techniques are used to carefully stretch the artwork or print.​

Custom Framing – mouldings and finishes

Custom framing with gold or silver leafing techniques, combined with specific washes can enhance an artwork, adding value and aesthetic beauty. The moulding range is continually expanding, as is the refinement of methods to achieve different finishes, ranging from highly distressed to clean and modern.

What makes our canvases unique

From the beginning, Winsen’s Canvases aimed to produce a canvas stretched on a support structure distinct in quality. To this end it sourced quality timber – light, beautiful and knot-free, Obeche (a.k.a Wawa) is ideal for the construction of stable expansion frames and mouldings. MDF or Supawood can also be used as a support on smaller sizes, providing a panel that is sturdy and compact, allowing the artist to work against a firm surface. A bracing frame can be added to a board panel, providing additional strength and depth. More recently is the development of aluminium stretcher frames, finding application in unique environments or large sized canvases.

canvas depth comparison

An artist’s canvas is more than ‘just a canvas’ … it forms an essential part of the artwork; the support upon which beauty is created and creativity expressed.

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To this end Winsen’s believes quality primed material stretched over a well-crafted frame must shape a canvas that allows the painter to exercise their artistry with ease, and give peace of mind that their work will last.

In the making of canvases, we strive to understand the needs of the artist and appreciate the importance of a quality product for him/her to work on. We are proud that our product will become the support and a small part of an item of value and beauty.

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