Prince joined the company in 2000 and has developed the full skillset; from profiling raw timber to manufacturing stretched canvases, stretching original artworks and making frames. Prince has also acquired experience in ‘unusual’ jobs, which need specialised attention or specific care.



Patson joined the company in 2004, with experience in manufacturing stretched canvases, including local and imported materials, and the stretching of original artworks. Patson also manufactures custom frames, with some knowledge in gilding and painting techniques, combined with know-how in preparing specialised canvas surfaces.



Prosper joined the company in 2004 and is responsible for local deliveries and collections within Gauteng. Prosper clocks up on average over 2000km per month and has the enviable position of seeing our clients face-to-face more than anyone else.



Stanley joined the company in 2006. With a particular aptitude for carefulness, Stanley works primarily on the stretching of original artworks and prints. Stanley also manufactures frames and stretched canvases.



Godfrey joined the company in 2006 and focuses his attention on manufacturing stretched canvases of all sizes and stretcher frame thicknesses. Godfrey has proficiency in making large stretched canvases, and also assembling canvas boards.


Wrapping, Factory Officer, Quality Control

James joined the company in 2007 and does all our product wrapping; from stretched canvases to loose canvas, original artworks and frames, to be transported locally and throughout the country. Crucially, James also does final product inspections and maintains workshop orderliness.


Customer & account manager

Lucy joined in 2010 and facilitates client orders from placement to final delivery. With growing and extensive knowledge in canvas types and preparations, Lucy can advise the best possible support structure for a given project. Trained in accounting best practices, Lucy manages all customer and supplier accounts with extensive knowledge in client details. She also oversees all materials and consumables used in manufacturing, ensuring adequate stock levels and circumventing any bottlenecks in production.



Frans joined in 2013 and machines all imported timber, taking raw planks through cutting, planning and spindle operations to produce stretcher profile, crossbars, frame moulding and other needed profile shapes. Frans also oversees the heat treatment facility and workshop maintenance.


Customer and factory manager

Gwynn joined in 2015 and with involvement in various projects of different technical needs, from using locally produced artist’s materials and imported Belgium Linens, to stretching original artworks in different spaces, she draws on extensive and growing experience to help the artist, gallery or printer make the best possible choice. Combined with knowledge in various framing techniques, Gwynn can give good guidance on frame profile choice and gilding finish needed to enhance a framework. Gwynn also works closely with all factory staff and oversees many of the processes necessary to keep operations running smoothly, understanding many aspects of operations.


Framer, Gilder, Driver, Generalist

Morgen joined in 2015 and does a variety of activities including the manufacturing and gilding of custom frames, making stock-sized canvases, a secondary driver and general go-to guy for making all unusual-shaped canvases with particular skill in wood-working techniques.


Artisan and machinist

Moshe joined in 2017 and is responsible for the sizing and priming of loose canvas and has particular skill in the manufacturing of circular canvases. Moshe is also involved with machining raw timber to produce profile and crossbars.