Aluminium as a material for manufacturing stretcher frames, has become increasingly popular in Europe and the United States. It is with this in mind, and motivated by some of our more prolific artists including Paul Blomkamp, that we embarked on the design and manufacture of our won unique aluminium extrusion for the manufacture of a support structure suitable for all cloth types. As with wooden stretcher frames, the aluminium frame would need to accommodate keys for expansion, while maintaining overall corner sturdiness.

Advantages of Aluminium Stretcher frames

A first in South Africa, we look forward to seeing the use of this unique product for different needs.

Aluminium’s distinct advantage is its strength, allowing very large canvases to be manufactured on a thin stretcher frame. The extrusion design still allows for deeper formats however, including 50, 75, 100mm deep.

Aluminium also finds particular use where support structures are exposed to harsh environments; given its synthetic nature it is not susceptible to moisture, direct sunlight or insect infestation. Find out more

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