Loose Artist Canvas

Locally produced loose artist canvas & imported loose linen, as either oil, acrylic, clear or un-primed, is available from Winsen’s Canvases in various widths.

Loose Artist Canvas

Loose artist canvas roll
Locally loomed Natural Cotton Duck and Synthetic Polyester Cloth are available as 3 meter wide rolls. Both qualities can be obtained as acrylic primed, per linear meter, or to the artist’s size specifications. In this regard, the cloth is pre-stretched and double-primed in 5 meter lengths – the maximum trimmed roll size is 2.8 x 5 meters.

Both loose canvas qualities are also available in their raw un-primed state, which are used for a variety of different applications. The maximum roll length in this regard is 3 x 50 meters.

Imported Belgian Linens

Imported Belgian Linens are available as 10 x 2 meter wide rolls. As with the local qualities, the linen can be obtained on per running meter rate or cut to the artist’s size specifications. Linens are available as Oil, Universal or clear/glue primed. Un-primed linen has also found use in a number of applications.