Bespoke Artist Canvases – Unusual shaped artists canvases on stretchers or boards

Unusual Shaped Artists Canvases

There seems no limit to the creative shapes dreamed by artists … sometimes the shapes made remain unique and sometimes what was once unusual, becomes usual, like round canvases.

Round or Oval Canvases
round shaped artist canvas

Round canvases are manufactured by routering a near-perfect ring from 16mm thick MDF board. A side strip is then added to give the required visual depth and prevent the canvas from indenting on the board ring. The circular frame is then covered with either Cotton Duck Canvas, Polyester Cloth or a linen.

The maximum diameter is 1800mm and the minimum diameter is 300mm. Any depth can be chosen

Other unusual shaped canvases

For all other shapes, depending on the design, either our standard stretcher frame profile can be used, or a board shape realised with CNC cutting.