Wooden Stretcher frames are manufactured from Obeche wood (a.k.a wawa) on a 50mm wide profile.
custom made wooden stretcher frames

Obeche is the preferred choice of wood in the construction of Wooden stretcher frames.

Imported from Ghana, the wood’s lightweight, workability and resistance to bending or warping makes it ideal for manufacturing a stretcher frame that is stable without being unnecessarily heavy. All wooden stretcher frames are constructed with mortise-and-tenon corners, keyed with wooden expansion wedges. Standard lipped profile is 50mm wide by 23, 46, 75 or 100mm deep, however, custom depths can be achieved by adjusting spacer pieces accordingly.

Obeche wood has a very fine, straight grain. It contains no knots, having a soft cream-colour and smooth final finish.

Unlike pine, which is known to be unstable, Obeche’s unique properties make it ideal for the construction of very large stretcher frame panels.