Our range of support structures for Artist Canvas Stretching

Support Structures - Wooden Stretcher frames

Wooden Stretcher Frames

Stretcher Frame support structures for artists canvas stretching are manufactured from Obeche wood (a.k.a wawa) on 50mm wide profile stretchers. Obeche is the preferred choice of wood in the construction of Winsen’s Canvases Stretcher Frames.
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artists boards

Artist’s Boards

The use of boards is a matter of artistic choice; this robust product has found favour with artists wanting a firm support to paint or paste on, with the surface having no ‘give’ under applied brush strokes. The stability of paint layers on an inflexible support structure is also advised by conservators.Read more

Alluminium stretcher frame

Aluminium Stretcher Frame support structures

Stretchers manufactured from Aluminium alloy has found favour with artists wanting an extremely robust and resilient frame.  Aluminium stretcher frames allow for the stretching of very large canvases –  they are light weight, strong and resistant to corrosion.
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